We pride ourselves on sourcing the best raw materials possible and always look to work with reliable traceable suppliers and manufacturers.

As part of our brand vision we aim to ensure we provide our customers with products, which are made to a very high standard and quality of finish.

If you find a fault in our products caused by a flaw in the manufacturing process we will happily repair the garment or accessories free of charge for you.

Once the item has been received it will normally be processed within a week and an email confirmation letter will be sent out to you. If you have not heard form us in this time frame please email us

We aim to have all repairs reworked and back to you within 4 weeks. We will keep you informed of this process.

We do not repair products, which have been harmed through misuse or poorly cared for, or products, which have been damaged through general wear and tear.


To take advantage of this service we would require you to do the following:

  •  Once you have decided you would like to have a garment repaired we would require you to get in touch with us initially via email. Or if that is not possible by phone.
  • Once you have made contact we will send out a repair form, which you will be required to complete and send back to us via email or post.
  • Once we have this we will be in a position to ascertain the problem and whether we can fix repair the product or not.
  • If we progress to repairing the garment we will require you to do the following;
  • Launder your garment and ensure it is completely dry before you pack it up. If we don’t receive the garment in this condition we will have no choice but to return it to you.
  • Please return to the address provided to you and mark the package with the following – GOODS RETURNED UNDER WARRANTY